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With the initiation of 46 CFR Subchapter M regulations, there are some additional training requirements that must be completed to comply with the crew safety orientation for all crewmembers. The 46 CFR Subchapter M regulations include training requirements that must be satisfied for new crewmembers before, or at the start of, their first voyage. 

This eight-course curriculum will fulfill the training requirements found in 46 CFR 142.245 - Requirements for training crews to respond to fires, 46 CFR 140.410 - Safety orientation, 46 CFR 140.515 - Training requirements, and 46 CFR 140.645 - Navigation safety training.

    Subchapter M - Training Series - Online

      1. Crew Safety Orientation
      2. Hazard Communication for the Workboat Industries (HAZCOM)
      3. Man Overboard Prevention
      4. Marine Confined Space: Hazard Awareness Training
      5. Marine Fire Prevention, Training and Response
      6. Maritime Lockout/Tagout Awareness Safety Training
      7. Navigation Safety: Watchstanding Duties, Communication and Procedures
      8. Step Back for Safety Series: Respiratory Protection
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