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Mariner Safety Services is a privately owned maritime training and consulting company. Both co-founders manage and operate U.S. Flagged vessels in the United States as well as foreign vessels throughout the world. With their love for safety and technology they seek to provide the maritime industry with new technology for training your crew and operating your vessels.


Our mission at MSS is to provide the highest quality customer services to our clients and deliver the highest quality training and consulting services offered.


It is our vision, utilizing the latest advancements in technology, to offer training at sea for all mariners for the enhancement of safety of life at sea.


Mariner Safety Services, LLC (MSS) was founded in 2015  by two maritime industry professionals that set out to find an simpler, more cost effective way to train sea-farers, without losing the invaluable in-person experience offered a most training facilities.  Both co-founders dealt with the same struggles of every other Marine Employer; trying to find the time to train their mariners while keeping vessel operating costs down. Sending a crew member off to training often meant, either burdening the mariner during their coveted and well-deserved off-time or placing the mariner in school and finding a fill in replacement and paying for lodging and per diem. 

3 years later, after tremendous industry support, MSS was the WORLD's first company issued course approval for Vessel Security Officer - ONLINE. 

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